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Into The Wild

May 4, 2016


This is from the cover of a Mayfair Magazine

I saw it in the middle of a discussion about how often God took key Biblical characters into a place or a season where His promise looked impossible. Moses fled Egypt and Pharos house  before He lead the Israelites out of captivity; Joseph was sold as a slave and imprisoned before he ruled over his brothers like in the dream he bragged about as a youth; Jesus was led into the wilderness and tempted by Satan before He began His ministry. There are many more but I think you get the point

This Mayfair Magazine quote prompts us to “succumb to wanderlust to experience the extraordinary” I wonder if they almost got it right… I wonder if I exchange ‘wanderlust’ for God’s plan/purpose for your life if you would feel the same excitement and the same pull. If I did and if you chose to – what kind of extraordinary dream would it lead you to?

We are wild and we are free! We are not asked to succumb to anything we are asked to choose to love God and walk in His ways and He will bring us to a time and place where the dreams of our hearts will be fulfilled in an extraordinary way. Can you? Can He? Yes He can  so yes I will!


~Miss Taken


Time Travel Snippet

April 20, 2016

It has been over a year since I published a story. My readers have probably given up on checking this blog spot. Why did I stop you may wonder? I can’t answer that just yet but I can say that in the turbulence of 2015 I did pick up a few new stories to tell. 😉


From Dust 2 Gold is making a comeback. Its focus will be slightly different but I aim to entertain you all the same with stories that I couldn’t make up if I tried.


Time Travel – don’t we all wish we could use it at least once in our lives? To relive an amazing moment or to stop ourselves from living a terrible one. In movies and media they always stress how important every detail is to time travelers. The warning is Do Not Change A Thing!


I can say for certain that I have never regretted anything I actually did in my life; yes even the actions that ended badly or caused me pain. I do however regret the things I didn’t do. I didn’t tell that person how much they meant to me – I didn’t stick it out for just a little longer – I didn’t switch degrees or apply for that job. There are tons of things I can think of – but what if I had? If today could have been changed by any detail of the past where or who would I be right now?


We could drive ourselves mad thinking this way – allowing our minds to travel in time to yesteryear or yesterday so lets not do that. Can you determine in your mind today – in this moment – to look forward to the hours that are coming and the days and weeks and months of your future with a view to really live them the first time around? Dare I say YOLO? Don’t worry about what has passed but rather think about how to capture what is coming because – well – it is coming! Like a catcher in the outfield or a goalie at the net you will scan the field ahead and be ready to make the game winning catch because your head is not in the sands of lost times – your focused – your head is in the game.


Cheers to you my forward facing followers, my “Gold diggers” – 2016 is going to be a great year no matter how the first quarter has turned out. Keep your head up – keep your heart pure and keep your love on.


xx Miss Taken xx


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Trusted friend – Agent of change

February 17, 2015

What kind of God do we serve? Every person I meet, every change of plans and every event impacts a life and is an opportunity for God to work in our hearts. How do we process life’s disappointments?

I met Luke at a young adults meeting at my church. He was attractive, he had a kind smile and he was a little quirky. He was an engineer so he kinda had that geeky sense of humor that made him seem sweet and innocent.

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