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Teenage Dream

December 29, 2014

Carrie was 16 when she met Luke. He was attractive, cool, and liked everything about her. They were friends for about a year and then started a relationship just before he graduated high school. From that point on Carrie and Luke did everything together. Young love was the perfect description for these two.

A whole year went by and they knew they wanted to get married. Carrie proposed the idea to her family one-day. She had it all planned out. She would graduate high school in a few months and he would join the military. She explained that with all the bonus schemes and benefits packages that the recruiter boasted about the plan was fool proof!

Her family thought it was a hasty and terrible idea. They said, “Wait a few more years and then if you still want to get married we’ll support it.” Carrie walked away from the conversation with a bitter taste in her mouth. They were so narrow-minded and they never trusted her to make her own decisions. She was almost 18! How could they not see that she was practically an adult and she knew exactly what she was doing?!

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