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Trusted friend – Agent of change

February 17, 2015

What kind of God do we serve? Every person I meet, every change of plans and every event impacts a life and is an opportunity for God to work in our hearts. How do we process life’s disappointments?

I met Luke at a young adults meeting at my church. He was attractive, he had a kind smile and he was a little quirky. He was an engineer so he kinda had that geeky sense of humor that made him seem sweet and innocent.

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Breaking Point

February 2, 2015

Breaking Point

It may be one of the worst feelings in the world for a lover that has come to the place where they no longer want to try at making a dysfunctional relationship work. How can you come to the decision to let go of another human being? How do you decide to give up on what you believed was love? Does leaving mean you are a quitter? Do you walk away as the victor or the loser? Does the other person become the victim or the villain? All these questions and more plagued my mind on a Sunday evening many years ago.

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Battlefield, Emotions, Love

The Heart Wants

January 15, 2015

The heart is a funny thing. At an almost even ratio it leads men to greatness or doom. How can one little thing hold such power? I can’t answer that question but what I do know is that when the heart knows what it wants it can make us do things we never thought, in our right minds, we would do.

This story picks up from Heart of the Matter III, read it first or continue to rebel against order…

After the heartbreaking phone call from my best friend confirming that my beloved of 4 years was in fact cheating on me, I came to the point I had dreaded for months. I had to face him.

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