Time to begin… again

February 22, 2017

Hey there people. It’s been a while. I stopped writing for some time because… well to be honest… shit happens. Things happened and I stopped, then I got busy with life and tonight I decided to log on again which took about 30 minutes of resetting passwords in several accounts before I could get to this moment. The moment I get to express myself through words – when my thoughts make these 8 fingers and 2 thumbs tap along the keys to create something I’m hoping someone reads

Why did I stop?

There are a number of reasons. I hit a rough patch in life, I didn’t feel like it, I had writers block… I suppose all the legit reasons kinda spiraled together creating a huge storm of self doubt, confusion, and what’s that emotion that makes you just shrug your shoulders? Numbness… It all kicked in over a period of time and I figured no one read this stuff anyway so I quit

Where am I now?

So a very close person in my life – you could call her family – told me she wanted to write.  I told her she could take over my blog that I just spent a lot of money resurrecting since I ignored the very important email notifications from GoDaddy telling me it was time to renew or LOSE FOREVER my site. I called and I pleaded and they retrieved ‘from dust 2 gold’ from cyber space in hopes that maybe I would write again… I logged on today to sort out the password etc for her and I found comment after comment on my stories from people! Real people that actually liked and learned from my life experiences!

This has inspired me to the core – thank you so much for your comments and I’ll keep writing as well as invite my good friend to share some of her stories. She will have her own alias and a category for the tales of her life that you won’t want to miss!

God blesses the things I make a mess of and there have even been a few times I’ve actually (to my surprise) gotten it right in the last year or so! Can’t wait to share it with you

Stay tuned

Miss Taken xx

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